Oasis Brands Joins With Houchens To Support Housing Authority of Bowling Green

Oasis Brands Joins with Houchens to Support Housing Authority of Bowling Green

Oasis Brands donated over 11,000 rolls of paper products to Houchens Industries Inc., owner of popular grocery retailers including Price Less IGA and Crossroads IGA. The donation will provide much needed supplies to the Housing Authority of Bowling Green.

“We are very fortunate to have great partners and suppliers that share in our commitment to give back and support local organizations that provide essential resources to those in need,” said Alan Larsen, Director of Marketing and Merchandising for Houchens Industries Inc. “Thanks to the support of Oasis Brands and its Fiora products, we can in turn support the Housing Authority of Bowling Green, which can direct the donation to programs and individuals with the greatest need.”

“We have a specific population of elderly and disabled citizens, as well as homeless individuals, who will greatly benefit from this generous donation,” said Abraham Williams, Executive Director for Housing Authority of Bowling Green. “We serve folks who must prioritize their spending for rent, medical expenses and everyday essentials. Often times the everyday essentials aren’t purchased because they have no money left. This donation will help ease that burden and ensure some of our most at-risk populations have access to basic necessities.”

Non-profit organizations can spend up to thousands of dollars each year in an effort to provide enough paper products, but they still lack enough supply to meet demand. Oasis Brands hopes to put a dent in that with its donation of more than 11,000 rolls of bath tissue. In 2014, Oasis Brands donated more than 100,000 rolls of paper products to charitable organizations to support community giving programs of its retailer partners and further enhance the lives of those in need.

“By donating tissue products to Houchens, Oasis Brands hopes to help make families stronger one roll at a time,” said Scott Hunter, Head of Marketing for Oasis Brands (makers of Fiora). “We are a growing company committed to giving back in support of the everyday life and activities of communities where we operate, and where FIORA® tissue and towels are sold.”

Houchens Industries, Inc. is committed to partnering with nonprofit organizations and supporting the impact they have on our communities. Annually Houchens’ retailers participate in several national and local fundraising efforts for nonprofit organizations including the American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, the Center for Courageous Kids, and Second Harvest Food Banks.

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